Project “Lose weight to get a boat”

Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have seen me refer to my project #loseweighttogetaboat” I thought I’d use this blog to explain what its about and also give updates of how I’m progressing.

So what is the project…..its in the name really….I am, to be honest, a fat bastard….I don’t call myself Fatsculler for no reason (and its not because I have any association with First & Third Cambridge as some have thought!)
Anyway, over the years the waistline has been expanding far too rapidly. It reached the point where I hated seeing myself in pictures, I started having problems with my knees (which ended up with 3 operations) and the Dr saying I could get weight-loss tablets on prescription as I was “obese”.
It all came to a head when I looked at myself in the mirror and what I saw shocked me….I could have been one of those people the TV uses when talking about obesity. Then one of my old school friends found an old photo of us racing at Henley Royal Regatta and I realised that as a 40-something I was 60% heavier than I was at 20.

So, heartily depressed, what could I do about it….well, it was the missus who inspired me….she set me a challenge. If I could get back to the weight I was on our wedding day 16 years ago before my 45th birthday (November 2014) I would get a boat…a single scull and the chance to get back onto the river for the first time in 7 years.
What does this mean in reality, what is the scale of this challenge?
Here are the hard facts, when I started this challenge in early April I topped the scales at a sickening 128kgs, 20 stone, 282 lbs… target…..100kgs, just under 16 stone, 220lbs…so I have to lose 28kgs (I’m good at maths me;))

How am I going to achieve this? Well, it aint rocket science….eat more healthily + lots of exercise = weight loss. In practice this means I’ve virtually cut out bread, refined sugar, chocolate, crisps etc, etc. Pre-challenge breakfast would have been something like cornflakes, 4 pieces of toast with jam, coffee & orange juice. I was also extremely partial to a bacon sandwich, sausage sandwich, egg sandwich and a full English fry-up…I would maybe just have this as a treat on a Friday (my work canteen did a particularly good fry-up), but the Friday treat became a Monday treat, then a Monday, Wednesday & Friday treat, until I was either having a full fry-up or some variation on the Bacon/sausage/egg sandwich every day of the week. Now, breakfast will be a combination of yoghurt, porridge or fresh fruit. (I do allow myself Bacon and eggs once a fortnight). Lunch will be salad, perhaps with some tuna, salmon or chicken and dinner will be something like pasta or grilled fish with fresh vegetables.
What about the exercise? Well, I’ve invested in a sadist….otherwise known as a personal trainer. The reason for this is two-fold. First to give me targeted exercises to help with the weight and help also with rehabilitating my shoulder (I forgot to mention I had two operations on my left shoulder last year), and secondly to help with the motivation (I’m a bit of a wuss).
So, how am I going…despite a bit of a hiccough (when I had a stinking cold for 2 weeks & couldn’t exercise) I’ve pretty much stuck to my schedule of 3 gym sessions a week plus 1 session of cycling and swimming at the weekend. The result…..earlier this week I got back on the scales….119.8kgs 🙂 9kgs down in about 7 weeks…only another 19.8 to go!!

I’ll try and update the blog with my progress (and I’m already looking at boat builders websites to choose a boat….I fancy a Carl Douglas 😉 )
all advice and encouragement greatly received!


3 thoughts on “Project “Lose weight to get a boat”

  1. Roel Gideonse

    Hi Dan,

    Good to hear that you are on the track to get back in a boat.
    When you have reached your target, let me know I come over for a blast in a pair as we used to do.

    See you

    1. fatsculler Post author

      Hey Roel,
      Great to hear from you! That’s another incentive for me to get back into the boat….a chance to get the old pair out again!
      Love to everyone

      1. Roel Gideonse

        Hi Dan,

        Are you on scedule yet?
        I have pairs and doubles at our club which can handle 100+ rowers. When you are in the Netherlands we can go out on the water.
        I see you fancy a Douglas, order now and you are on the right weight when he is finnished with the boat.
        Or maybe get a orginal Stampfli from Switserland they are beautiful.
        Are you coming to the World Championchips in Amsterdam?

        Love to everyone


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