Fuller’s Head of the River Fours – Leander’s musical chairs

Leander have been struggling a bit with illness and injury and as a result have been playing musical chairs with their entries…some of the changes are quite significant (not to mention interesting)

Leander I Men’s Elite M4X (start no.1)
Pete Lambert is out and is being replaced by Olympic and World Champion, Alex Gregory. Alex is more reknowned for his skill with one blade rather than two so it’s an intriguing switch.

Leander II Men’s Elite 4X (start no.3)
Stewart Innes and Tom wilkinson are being replaced by Nick Middleton and Tom Clark)

Leander III Men’s Elite 4X (start no.6)

Leander IV Men’s Elite Lwt 4X (start no.16)
Nick Buckle is replaced by Mike Mottram

Leander VI Men’s Elite 4- (start no.27)
Dan Ritchie is replaced by John Collins

Leander VII Men’s Elite 4+
Alex Gregory is replaced by Dan Ritchie

Leander VIII Women’s Elite 4X (start no.48)
Lucy Gooderham is replaced by Jess Leyden

Leander IX Women’s Elite 4X (start no.51)
Jess leyden and Rachel Gamble-Flint are replaced by Polly Swann and Lou Reeve

Leander X Women’s Elite 4- (start no.61)
SCRATCHED. This leaves Vesta as the sole entry in this event.

Leander XI Men’s IM1 4X (start no.68)
Tom Clark and Ben Crouch are replaced by Callum McBrierty and George Rossiter

Leander XII Men’s IM1 4X (start no.70)
Mike Mottram swaps with Nick Buckle

Leander XIII Men’s IM1 4X (start no.85)
Francis Highton and sean Dixon are replaced by Tom Wilkinson and Matt Tatlock

Leander XIV Men’s IM1 4X (start no.93)

Leander XV J18 4X (start no.122)
Harry Uglow is replaced by Lamberton-Heys

I’m sure these probably won’t be the last of the substitutions….see you all tomorrow!


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