National School’s Regatta review

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get to Nottingham to watch the racing so I was relying heavily on twitter to keep me updated on what was going on. By all accounts it was a fairly damp affair, but fortunately the wind mostly stayed away which meant racing was completed.

So, how did my predictions fair?

Boys 1X

Predicted medalists: Gold: Harry Leask silver; Chris Lawrie, bronze; Chris Aldridge

Actual medalists: Gold: Steve Parsonage, silver; Harry Leask, bronze; Chris Lawrie

Well I predicted that Harry Leask would best Chris Lawrie, I just didn’t pick up that Steve Parsonage would beat the both of them, although in my defence I did flag Parsonage up as one to watch 😉


Girls 1X

Predicted medalists: Gold; Anna Thornton, Silver; Corinne Larkworthy, silver; Katherine Maitland

Actual medalists: Gold: Anna Thornton. Silver: Katherine Maitland, Bronze; Holly McMullen.

Got 2 of the 3 medalists right, and unfortunately Corinne Larkworthy had to withdraw before racing, so who know, I might have got all 3 right! 😉


Boys 4X

Predicted Medalists: Gold Westminster, Silver Sir William Borlase, Bronze Northwich

Actual Medalists: Gold Westminster, Silver Sir William Borlase, Bronze Northwich

OK, feeling pretty smug about that one 😉


Girls 4X

Predicted Medalists: Gold; Gloucester Hartpury, Silver: Eton Excelsior, Bronze; Headington

Actual Medalists: Gold: Marlow, silver; Headington, bronze; Gloucester Hartpury

2 out of 3 medalists isn’t bad (even if I got the colour of the medals wrong!) But I did think that Marlow would be challenging strongly for the medals…and that they did!

Boys 8

Predicted Medalists: Gold; St.Edwards, Silver; Abingdon, Bronze; Eton

Actual Medalists: Gold; Abingdon, Silver; Eton, Bronze; Hampton

As an Old-Abingdonian I’ve never been more pleased to get a prediction wrong! In my preview I said: “My heart would love my old school to take the win this weekend, but my head says the regatta may have come a few weeks too early for them”….I should’ve listened to my heart! What was more surprising is that neither St.Edwards nor St.Paul’s made it into the medals. Few would’ve predicted that result after the School’s Head of the River. Onwards to the PE at Henley now and that is going to be fascinating…


So overall, of the 8 events I previewed I got 5 of the gold medalists right…63%….not too bad, not my best, but not too bad!


One thought on “National School’s Regatta review

  1. teddiesmartyr

    Teddies lost key man Ollie Knight before the first race. The semi final victory was remarkable in light of that. Bad luck boys, great effort.


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