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7 thoughts on “About

  1. Peter Jackson


    I’m working with Henley this summer promoting and managing their YouTube channel and we’re live streaming the entire Regatta from the first to the last race this summer. I am just reaching out to see if you’d be interested in featuring the link to the stream or some of our content on your blog in the run up to the races?



  2. Moira Brodie

    A sad year for Bing Bong. If my memory serves me correctly this is the first year since 2000 that Abingdon has not been selected in the PE.
    Is this a product of a Head/sport dept getting their way with autumn rugby rather than rowing (although I thought FASBC had won that battle) or just a very good year for the other schools?

  3. William Thacker

    I watched part of the Henley Regata today on u-tube (first time and very much enjoyed) and wondered why about two things: first, why would the University of Washington eight (which, from what I read, may be the best in years in the US) be paired with a small and much overmatched small school like Durham Collingwood? Second, are American university boats excluded from the Grand cup? Are we looking at a sportmanship issue here?
    Thanks for the great info. William from Seattle.

    1. fatsculler Post author

      Hi William,
      Thanks for reading my blog and I’m glad you’re enjoying the coverage of Henley Royal Regatta, it really is excellent. As regards Washington and the likes of Collingwood…there are a number of events at Henley and they can be broken down into 4 categories;
      Open – for crews of international standard, this is usually contested by the national squad crews from around the world. There are events for 8’s 4-, 4X, 2X, 2- and 1X

      Intermediate – this is for crews below international standard, the rules state that “No heavyweight F.I.S.A. Senior national crew may contend
      for this prize.” So what you tend to find is that the top University crews race in these events, also there tend to be entries from U23 and lightweight national squads (and also crews that contain recently retired senior internationals). This does also lead to crews of varying standards, like Durham Collingwood who are just about eligible for the Intermediate events, and then to the other extremes the likes of UW, Leander, Yale and so on.There are events for 8’s, 4X & 4- in Intermediate

      Club – This is for all “Club” rowers. No Senior or U23 heavyweight or lightweight rower can compete. There are races for 8’s, 4- & 4+ in the club events

      Student – Open to all full-time students except for those who have competed in the Oxford v Cambridge Boat race, IRA’s, Eastern Sprints etc. There are events for 8’s and 4+

      Junior – for athletes from bona fide academic institutions who have not reached their 19th birthday before the start of the regatta. There are events for 8’s and 4X

      So the big US University programmes can, and indeed do, enter the Grand and the other “open” events. Washington entered the Grand in 2013 beating the Polish national team before losing to the British in the final. Since the war the Grand has been won by
      Harvard 3 times
      Penn 1 time
      UW 1 time

      I hope this helps!

  4. William Thacker

    Beyond help! You are so kind to take the time to make all that was opaque – transparent. I recently read the ‘The Boys in the Boat’, a book about one of the U of W boats and the oarsmen that competed in the Olympics eons ago and won. I wondered if the boat was still around and asked some of the rowers in the new shell house and they took me to the dining hall and there it was strapped to the ceiling – another Pocock masterpiece.
    My first Henley continues to amaze (the coverage is phenomenal). I will watch my University tomorrow; it has two boats in the finals.
    Rowing here barely touches the media event horizon.

    Thanks, William Thacker

  5. Jack Dryden

    Hi Daniel,

    Just wanted to drop you a belated message to congratulate you on making it to the final of World Rowing’s Commentators Competition.

    I produce the commentary for the British Rowing Junior and Senior Championships. I wondered if you might be interesting in volunteering on our commentary team? I’d love to tell you more about what we get up to and our plans for the future.

    Just drop me an email to hello@jackdryden.co.uk if you are interested.

    Many thanks,



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